Friends of Bibi’s Burger Bar.

Hello friends of Bibi’s…this is Sonu, president of Chandi Hospitality Group. I’ve got some bad news and some great news. Want the bad news first? Bibi’s Burger Bar is now permanently CLOSED. We’ve enjoyed making tasty burgers for you but we are excited to announce a huge opportunity that allowed us to make that tough decision without looking back.

We've recently joined forces with nationally-acclaimed Chef Niven Patel to bring you a brand new restaurant concept. Niven is a 2018 James Beard Award finalist & spent much of his early career training in Florence, Italy. With Chef Niven guiding the way, along with the help of the Chandi Hospitality Group team, MERCATO Pasta & Produce was born.

On one side, MERCATO serves fresh pasta made in-house daily from scratch. On the other side, a local market sells produce & goods sourced locally along with a few irreplaceable items straight from Italy.

We love Sonoma County as much as we love serving fresh pasta and local produce. We hope to see you soon at Mercato!


Mercato Pasta & Produce Chandi Hospitality Group